Combi Drill £27,000

3m Combi Drill only £27,000

3m Combi Drill only £27,000
Alitalia Drill


£27,000 on farm

This 3m Alitalia Single Disc Drill & 200hp rated Dominator DMR Power Harrow Combination has an RRP of £44,070 representing exceptional value.


Finer seed bed

Designed to suit medium to large farms and medium to high horse power tractors from 120 - 200hp. The Dominator DMR power harrow has a rotor every 25cm (4/m) to create a finer tilth.  More rotors per meter also means less torque on each rotor.

single coulter  

Even seed depth

The Alitalia single disc drill is mounted on the packer roller as opposed to on the power harrow.  This keeps the single disc coulter at a constant depth.  Seed depth is not affected by wear and tear or movement of power harrow.


Rubber rotary scraper

The rubber rotary scraper keeps the disc coulter clean even in wet sticky conditions allowing drilling to continue through trashy residues.

genius lite  

Variable seed rate

The Genius Lite RDS control box allows on the move seed rate adjustment giving the operator exact control from the comfort of the tractor cab.


1500L hopper

A 1500 litre capacity means less stopping time to fill the hopper!  1500L is standard but an optional 500L extension taking the possible hopper size to 2000L is available.

2 year warranty  

2 year Warranty

Maschio pride themselves on building quality reliable machines and provide a peace of mind 2 year warranty on all new machines. (Maschio supplied parts with labour and mileage allowance in the first year, and Maschio supplied parts only in the second year - ie no labour or mileage or consumables.)

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