Hedge Cutters

The Hedge Cutter division of MASCHIO has been designing and manufacturing hedge cutters for over 20 years, and this experience can clearly be seen throughout the range with clever features and quality built into every model.

Extra safety protection systems are built into every hedge cutter as standard allowing MASCHIO Hedge Cutters to be lighter and yet able to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

The range of machines currently consists of 2 main models with different reach sizes within each model. 

Build & Finish

The full range of MASCHIO Hedge Cutters utilises a large arsenal of hydraulic safety features, this allows the arm design to be lighter and than most other hedge cutters on the UK market. The reasoning or idea is:  Why put the strength and weight into the arm to prevent overloads and damage if you can do this by adding safety valves into the main hydraulic block? These valves prevent too much pressure being put on any part of the machine by the tractor leaning, driving into something, or the operator making a mistake.

The usual MASCHIO build quality and second to none finish can be seen on the full Hedge Cutter range, all built in the MASCHIO way!

CFS System

All MASCHIO hedge cutter models are equipped with CFS (Contour Following System). Once the hedge cutter is set at the desired position, the CFS uses an “over centre” valve in the ram controlling the first arm. This means that the oil in the top part of the cylinder (the lift) can return to the tank if excessive pressure is put on it e.g. when the head rises up to follow the contours of the ground within limits without using the joystick. The hedge cutters arm and head automatically adapts to ground contours following the bumps.

In case the hedge cutter runs into a steep ground level drop, the arm will stop -20 cm from the start position that was previously set preventing the head from falling down and the tractor from overturning.

Dual Safety System

If obstructions are encountered, a double safety system prevents damage. The first system is a Nitrogen dampener. If this system is not sufficient to provide protection then the second mechanical shock absorber releases the hydraulic pressure allowing the arm to break back and bypass any immoveable objects.


Lever cable controls - standard


Cable lever controls come as standard with a safety lever that prevents the rotor from accidentally being put in reverse spin direction.

Joystick controls - optional


Simplicity and programmability – The current Joystick is fully programmable and allows progressive activation of each function with sensitivity being adjusted by reprogramming with a laptop but the new version currently in test will be more ergonomic and allow simpler reprogramming to suit each customer.

  • Water resistant – IP68 standard of water resistance
  • Service exchange – the brain of the joystick is in the joystick so it can be exchanged easily if there is a problem. Maschio offer a service exchange.