Power Harrows

During the past 50 years OPICO have become known for innovative, high quality products. The Maschio products are simply a continuation of this and fit in very well with OPICO's existing product range due to Maschio's philosophy of designing and producing machines with unique benefits for their customers.

Since producing their first power harrows over 50 years ago Egidio and Giorgio Maschio have built Maschio into a major machinery manufacturer trading worldwide and employing over 1000 staff. The power harrow is effectively the seed that this international business has been grown from and is still a very important core product today. The design of the Maschio Power Harrow has been fundamental to its success and ultimately that of the company and with machines designed for tractors from 30 to 550hp Maschio produce one of the largest ranges available on the market today.

The 3 key features Maschio build into every power harrow are STRENGTH, RELIABILITY and EASY MAINTENANCE.

The STRENGTH and RELIABILITY comes from using only the highest quality components Maschio make most of the key components inhouse, which includes the rotors, tines and transmission troughs, this allows them to ensure all machines are produced to the high standard they strive for. Every power harrow model has under gone rigorous or even extreme testing during the design and prototyping process to make sure it stands up to conditions it designed for.

EASY MAINTENANCE is one feature Maschio consider to be as important as any other and they have always tried to make machines that are easy to maintain and make life easier for the operator. Maschio Power Harrows have many features that come under this category, QUICKFIT TINES: that allow the tines to be changed in seconds, and EASY ROTOR ACCESS: allowing the rotor, bearings and seals to be accessed without the need to strip the complete transmission trough to name but two. All these simple but good ideas keep maintenance and any possible downtime to a minimum.

Power Harrows

Trough Strength

As with any machine the strength of the chassis or in this case trough is critical because it is what all the other components are mounted on and what holds the machine together. Most Maschio Power Harrows are built with an incredibly strong double skinned trough to increase strength and protect the workings from damage.


Gearbox Strength

Like the trough the main gearbox is critically important to the machine, these are made in house by Maschio to ensure consistency, strength and quality control of the key component that transmits power through to the working parts of the machine.

power harrow gearbox

Rotor Design

Maschio’s basic rotor design is replicated throughout the range, it features high quality bearings set at the top and bottom of the rotor shaft to ensure they can cope with the torsional forces applied through the tines in heavy work. The Laberynth seals protect the workings from dust ingress and the machine from oil leakage whilst the pressed rotor shafts and gears run in the oil filled transmission trough.

Power Harrow rotors

Easy Maintenance

One of the key feature designed into every Maschio Power Harrow model is the ease of maintenance, utilising a simple dip stick combined with breather to check oil levels, easy access bearings that can be changed without full disassembly of the trough. Maschio Power Harrows also offer “Rapido” QUICKFIT tines ensuring that replacing worn tines is as quick on a Maschio Power Harrow as any other machine on the market.


Timing and Number of Rotors


Maschio Power Harrow rotors are all timed sequentially meaning that there is a gradual utilisation of power by the machine reducing stress on both machine and tractor whilst economising diesel usage in work.

All the features above, however, are overshadowed by the last and most important one which makes the Maschio Power Harrow one of the most popular on the market – the number of rotors. Maschio Harrows have rotors spaced at 25cm as standard, this is a closer spacing than many competitors and something their reputation for high quality work has been built on. More rotors per metre means more tines and more tines means a finer seedbed is prepared in one pass – This is the key reason why once customers have used a Maschio they will not use anything else!