Maschio Gaspardo is a global machinery brand best known in the UK for its power harrows, rotary cultivators, ploughs, combination and precision drills as well as a comprehensive range of flail mowers.  Maschio Gaspardo is distributed in the UK by OPICO Ltd.


For over 50 years the Maschio Group has been a leader in the production of Power Harrows, Rotary Cultivators, Ploughs, Flail Mowers, Mulchers and Seed Drills to name but a few products. Over 120 different types of machines are manufactured in 8 factories, of which 80% are exported across the world.

Maschio’s main goal has always been to manufacture machines that can offer “Real help to farmers” by using the most technological advanced production methods. It’s easy to see why Maschio products are some of the best on the market today.

The first line up of Maschio products launched in the UK consisted of Power Harrows and Rotary Cultivators. These are now very well established and have been sold in the UK for the last 35 years. Since then a new range of Flail Mowers, Seed Drills, Combination Drills and Ploughs have been introduced, with further products to be added year by year, so keep watching for new things to come!


Gaspardo started producing planting machines for delicate seed types in 1834! In 1950 they made their first precision drill and developed their first vacuum precision drills in 1972.  Fast forward 50 years and Gaspardo are the largest manufacturers of vacuum precision planters in Europe, exporting them all over the world.  

The farmer friendly Gaspardo high speed MTR planting unit is available in a variety of configurations with different frames, (fixed, telescopic and hydraulic folding), accommodating 6, 8 and 12 row drills.  It has been designed for fast, accurate maize drilling into cultivated and min-till seedbeds, planting units are fitted at standard 75cm spacing (or 45 cm for variable row width models). All model types close down to 3m for easy and safe road transport.

GASPARDO's continuous research and development programme has led to the development of a new and innovative, high-speed seeding unit - the Chrono. 

The Chrono has introduced a new level of sophistication to precision drilling into the UK. With a completely new seed delivery system, air bag suspension for each unit and electronically-controlled metering for both seed and fertiliser, the Chrono range offers fast-paced precision drilling with unrivalled seed placement and depth control.

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