Flail Mowers

The Maschio Flail Mower range is one of the largest available on the UK market with models and features to suit nearly all possible applications. In the design of their flail mower range Maschio have put to good use the 45 years of expertise gained from building gearboxes and drive lines for rotary cultivators. Their build techniques and buying volumes ensure very robust, reliable and competitively priced machines and wearing parts.

Maschio Flail Mowers incorporate the key element to any flail mower which is the ability to create a fine residue whether they are cutting long grass or twigs and branches. This increases the speed that residues are broken down at and  ultimately the nutrient value of the residue is absorbed back into the soil more quickly.

All the models produce excellent results ensuring all the worked material is thoroughly cut and mulched at a fast rate enabling a large amount of ground to be covered in a working day. Furthermore, there are a host of small features incorporated into every model to make use and maintenance, easy and safe.

Whilst a mechanical and/or hydraulic offset is available on most standard mounted machines the range also includes fully offset models for field/verge side and ditch mowing.

There is is a model to suit all requirements.

Flail Mowers