GEMELLA Folding Flail Mower 120 - 300hp


Gemella - Folding Flail Mower 120hp - 300hp

The Gemella Flail Mower is a heavy duty model, designed for use on medium to large sized agricultural tractors from 120 to 300hp and is typically used for agricultural applications.

The Gemella Flail Mower is suitable for cutting grass, crop residues, cornstalks and shredding branches or twigs.


PTO Gearbox

The Gemella uses a self contained over-run gearbox with an input speed of 1000rpm, the over-run function prevents heavy load from being applied to the flail mower transmission when the tractor PTO is switched off.


Linkage Mounting

The Gemella uses dual category II and III three point hitches to connect to the tractor, the dual hitch consists of two holes and pins on each attaching bracket, one CAT II and one CAT III.

External Transmission Belt Adjustable

The Gemella Flail Mower utilises 5 toothed transmission drive belts per unit to transfer power to the rotor, the toothed drive belts allow slip proof engagement preventing power from the transmission being reduced due to heavy loads or general wear.



Blades & Hammer Kits

The Gemella Flail Mower comes standard with hammer flails and as an option with fish tail flails, the self sharpening hammer flail leaves a clean and level cut and it lifts and mulches while cutting, where as the fish tail flail is used for cutting dense tougher material. The hammers and blades bolt onto an electronically balanced rotor that minimises machine vibration and stresses on the bearings.  

Fish Tail FlailHammer Tail Flail

Counter Blade

The Gemella Flail Mower has an internal lower counter blade that ensures that the discharged material is mulched into fine pieces. Fish tail flails are optional.

Adjustable Rear Roller

Height adjustment is controlled by the external rear roller on the Gemella Fail Mower. Wheels available as an option.

Front Safety Flaps

Steel front safety flaps allow material to enter the cutting chamber but prevent pieces from being thrown out at high speed.



The Gemella Flail Mower has a transport width of 2.4m with hydraulic safety locks for easy safe transport.

Rotor Layout

Helical type rotor with spiral effect flail mounting points on the rotor gives a more even rotation and reduces vibration and power requirement from the tractor.

Transport Lights

The Gemella Flail Mower comes with transport lights as standard.

Long Life Bearings

The Gemella Flail Mower uses barrel roller bearings, each bearing has a double rail consisting of two rows of spherical or barrel bearings to cope with heavy workloads. All bearings used in Maschio Flail Mowers are produced by SKF.

Main Advantages:

Long Life (Up to 30% longer life than traditional taper roller bearings) 

High Load Capacity (Shock resistance) 

Easy Maintenance (One of Maschio's main philosophies)

Double Skin Frame

The double skin frame re-enforces the main structure of the machine and also protects the external skin from wear and damage from debris inside the flail mower during work.

Floating System

The floating link allows the Gemella to continuously cut more at a constant length on undulating ground and banks giving the Gemella Flail Mower 3 degrees upward movement on each wing. The floating function can be deactivated by simply moving the locking pin from position A to position B.


Gemella Folding Flail Mower 120-300hp

Gemella Models: 4.65m 470 (120-260HP), 6.2m 620 (150-260HP) 

Standard Equipment: 

  • Cat II/III
  • Hydraulic Fold With Automatic Safety Locks
  • 21 Spline PTO
  • Single Speed 1000 rpm Gearbox With Freewheel
  • 5 Transmission Belts Per Unit With External Adjustment
  • Hammer Flails
  • Toothed Lower Counter Blade
  • Steel Front Safety Flaps
  • Double Skin Frame
  • Height Adjustable Rear Roller
  • Upwards Wing Floats
  • Pair Of Side Skids
  • Lights

Technical Information

Technical Information



Working Width m

Total Width m


Machine Offset 

No. of Hammers

Weight kg


Width (Folded) m

cm <--> cm



















Options & Accessories

Options & Accessories

Gemella Folding Flail Mower - OPTIONAL EXTRAS

Model No.



4 Rear wheels


Price reduction for rollers 470


Price reduction for rollers 620



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