Ploughing is still the most widespread and practiced cultivation in Europe. There are countless advantages thanks to the combination of multiple beneficial effects, both agronomic, and practical. These include combating weeds that are increasingly resistant to herbicides, the reduction of the development of fungal diseases and the de-compaction of soil for better root development. 

 Maschio plough from cab

The range of ploughs from Maschio offer the latest technology and are built for extra versatility and reliability. Mechanical variable width is standard across all Maschio ploughs, however, a hydraulic adjustment option can be specified. Shearbolt or hydraulic auto reset safety options are also available.

  • UNICO M - mounted reversible range is available with 3 - 5 furrows, up to 200hp
  • UNICO L - mounted reversible range is available with 4 - 6 furrows, up to 300hp
  • MIRCO - semi-mounted reversible range is available with 6 - 9 furrows, up to 400hp

The MIRCO is available as either 'in furrow' or 'on land/in furrow'.  A simple adjustment of the offset ram and a positive mechanical stop means the 'on land/in furrow' model can be changed to suit wheeled tractors for 'in furrow' use or tracked machines for 'on land' 


Photo of a UNICO plough