Precision Drills

MTR Precision Seed Drill

The MTR Planter unit has evolved from the MT unit and is designed for precision planting at greater speeds and giving higher outputs for the professional farmer, suitable for working on tilled or minimum tilled soils and able to cope with clods, uneven surfaces and crop residues. The MTR Precision Seed Drill Unit boasts the largest opening disc in its category at 420mm diameter, the new ARMSTRONG cast steel parallelogram linkage is 30% stronger than the traditional linkage and combined with the 420mm diameter opening disc guarantees greater stability which is a fundamental need whist working at higher speeds and still ensuring constant seeding depth.

Easy Maintenance

One of GASPARDO’s main philosophies is “Easy Maintenance” all machines should be easy to maintain and achievable on farm or even in the field.

This philosophy in-turn also keeps running cost down to a minimum as most functional parts are designed to have a long lifespan and be MAINTENANCE-FREE.

General Features

For more detailed information please take a look at the specific model pages.

Shaft Drive

Throughout the whole Precision Planter range each unit utilises SHAFT DRIVE rather than traditional chains etc.

SHAFT DRIVE units are maintenance free, plus each row can be manually disengaged to prevent overlapping on finishing passes.

Optional in cab control row shut-off is available on request allowing the operator to disengage single units without leaving the tractor cab.

Self Lubricating Bushes

Specialised oil impregnated bushes are used on the main parallelogram connecting each precision planter unit to the main frame; these are also MAINTENANCE-FREE! No need to oil or grease.

There are only two greasing points on the complete machine.



Metering Unit

All the vacuum metering systems across the full range of precision planters are constructed from the highest quality materials, the main body is made from light weight cast aluminium with a Teflon gasket.

A large variety of stainless steel seeding plates are available to suit different seed types and sizes.

Seeding plate replacement, checking and seed unload are easy to do thanks to the hinged cover and the lower hatch for seed discharging.

The seeding plate can easily be changed without the use of tools (this can be done in less than 30 seconds per unit).

The two singulators prevent seed doubles.

The fixed kicker singulation is carried out from the bottom of seed holes while the adjustable kicker action is from the top.

Control Box

All Precision drills come with the Muller PRECIMAT control box. It has been designed to be very simple to use, all the different reading modes can be displayed by a press of a button.

Most commonly used readings i.e hours worked or area worked for example have their own buttons.

PRECIMAT control box features:

  • Digital display
  • Start / Stop
  • On-the-move seeding rate adjustment.
  • Precision planter unit “switch-off” (each unit can be de-activated when fitted with electronic disengagement option)
  • Precision planter unit “all-on” (all planter units can be re-activated with one touch when fitted with electronic disengagement option).
  • LED showing each unit is active or inactive. (when fitted with electronic     disengagement option)
  • Seeds per hectare
  • Fan rpm
  • Hours worked
  • Area worked (ha)
  • Total area worked (ha)
  • Current area performance (ha/h)
  • Distance (km)
  • Speed (km/h)