GASPARDO Precision Drills

Precision Seed Drills

The strength of GASPARDO is based on the satisfaction of farmers and contractors from all over the world, being able to offer many different models of Precision Planters for various needs.

With over 50 years of development experience producing, without doubt, some of the best precision drills in Europe, Maschio Gaspardo have ensured that reliability, strength and accuracy have put them at the forefront of the Precision Drill Market.





MTR Precision Seed Drill

The MTR Planter unit has evolved from the MT unit and is designed for precision planting at greater speeds and giving higher outputs for the professional farmer, suitable for working on tilled or minimum tilled soils and able to cope with clods, uneven surfaces and crop residues. The MTR Precision Seed Drill Unit boasts the largest opening disc in its category at 420mm diameter, the new ARMSTRONG cast steel parallelogram linkage is 30% stronger than the traditional linkage and combined with the 420mm diameter opening disc guarantees greater stability which is a fundamental need whist working at higher speeds and still ensuring constant seeding depth.

GASPARDO's continuous research and development programme has led to the development of a new and innovative, high-speed seeding unit - more to follow summer 2020