Chrono UK Field Trial

UK Field Trial 2020

UK Field Trial 2020

14th April 2020 

Drilled on 14th of April.  The soil was very dry with very little surface moisture, the forecast was set dry for the foreseeable future so moisture was going to be key for germination. Some might suggest this was a little early, but conditions were good at the time. Seed was applied at 110,000 seeds/ha, planted at approximately 10cm deep into good moisture, 125kg/ha of DAP fertiliser was placed alongside the seed.

10th April 10th April


4th June 2020

Very good germination due to drilling into moisture, conditions remain dry with some late frost in early May which scorched the plants in certain low lying fields. The section control has worked very well with perfect precision on the headlands.

4th June 4th June 4th June













23rd July 2020

The maize is in full flower and the cobs are forming nicely along with a great root structure. A mix of warm and wet weather has meant the plants have raced through the growth stages and any damage from the late frosts has grown out.  The fields are looking even and consistent throughout.  

23rd July 23rd July 23rd July






18th September 2020

Harvest was earlier than usual due to warm and dry conditions throughout the growing season. There was rapid growth during the later growth stages with exceptional cob formation.  Ground conditions were excellent with no damage to the soil structure.

Everyone involved with the UK Chrono drill trial has been impressed. From the outset we have seen excellent and uniform germination which can be attributed to consistent drilling depths.  This also gave plants the best possible start.

The driver of the forage harvester commented on how he had never seen such a difference on the headlands. Section control meant there were no overlaps which led to a consistent yield.

All fields ripened evenly which was down to correct and even seed placement at drilling.   

Chrono Field Trial Harvesting Maize



Chrono field trial maize harvest


Chrono field trial harvest maize stalks and stubble


Ripened maize crops in the Chrono trial


Chrono field trial maize harvest 2020 stubble






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