Seed Drills

Seed Drill

Maschio have been producing seed drills since 1991 and whilst they have not been available in the UK the range includes models to suit most applications with many clever features that set them apart from others. The range includes gravity fed or pneumatic machines to provide drilling solutions for combination and solo drilling with a variety of coulter options to suit minimum tillage and plough based cultivation systems.

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The Dama gravity fed drill is designed to be coupled with a power harrow to provide a simple economic combination drill. The Alitalia provides a power harrow drill for the professional user and Centauro gives the option of front tank and rear power harrow and coulter bar. The key advantage that all these combination drills have is that they are designed and built by one company and hence compliment each other in work.

The Primavera is a high speed solo drill primarily for minimum tillage systems, its tine coulter set in 4 staggered rows enables it to be used in extremely high levels of crop residue and provide a very low cost drilling solution.

Build & Finish
Maschio's attention to detail in production and extremely modern production facilities ensure that products are built and tested to the highest standards both in terms of robustness to do the job and finish to stand the test of time.


Metering System
Maschio’s Patented Flexeed “cartridge type” metering system is utilised on all their air drills. A choice of up to 7 types of metering roller allows the drill to cope with all different sizes of seed and a wide range of different seed rates. The graduated fluted rollers ensure accuracy and consistency of metering whilst the simplistic design allows easy calibration and incorporates features such as the hopper isolation which allows the operator to change metering rollers whilst the hopper is full.


Quick-Match System
Most of the Combination Drills benefit from the Quick Match system which allows the power harrow and drill to be disconnected in a matter of a few minutes so that the power harrow can be used separately.


Large Range
The wide range of drills available from Maschio means that there are drills to suit farms with tractors from 120hp to 380hp and machines that are capable of drilling large acreages per working day.