ALITALIA Combination Seed Drill

Product Walk Around

Alitalia Combi-Drill Product Walkaround

Alitalia Combination Seed Drill Offer

Maschio Combi Drill for £34,000

This 3m Power Harrow & Drill Combination for £34,000 on farm



Genius Master Control

Genius Master connects the drill to any universal ISOBUS tractor.

A compatibility kit (terminal & cabling) is available to buy for tractors not fitted with ISOBUS.

  • Variable rate seeding
  • Field mapping
  • Automatic section control
  • Export of data
  • Cost saving efficient management and use of resources

Contact OPICO or your local Maschio Gaspardo dealer for further details


ALITALIA Combination Seed Drill

The ALITALIA pneumatic seed drill is available in 3m and 4m working widths, it utilises Maschio’s own “FLEXEED” metering system to accurately deliver seed to a variety of coulter configurations.

The QUICK-MATCH system allows fast and easy hook-up to a large range of the Maschio Power Harrows. The drill is mounted on to the rear roller of the power harrow which ensures the drill follows the contours of the ground and places the seed at a constant depth even on very undulating land.

Coupled with the DRAGO DC/DOMINATOR DM/ORSO Rapido power harrows the ALITALIA provides a combination drilling solution for tractors from 140 to 300Hp


ALITALIA: Quick-Match

The QUICK-MATCH system allows quick and easy attachment of the Maschio Power Harrow to the seed drill using a 3 point linkage, the drill and power harrow combination can be detached by one operator in approximately 1 – 2 minutes, quickly and safely to use the harrow alone.

The QUICK-MATCH system uses plastic buffer rollers to fix the drill to the power harrow and transfer the weight of the drill to the power harrow roller only, preventing damage to the power harrow on rough and rocky ground.


ALITALIA: Roller mounted

As the whole drill is carried by the roller the coulter depth can be set in relation to the rear roller which follows the ground contours.

In this way the coulters stay at a consistent depth ensuring accurate seed placement which in turn gives even plant emergence.

ALITALIA: Large hopper

The Alitalia boasts a large hopper capacity with 1500L as standard with an optional 500L extension taking the possible hopper size to 2000L in total.

ALITALIA: Balanced weight

When looking at the design and structure on the ALITALIA Seed Drill there is clearly more than meets the eye.

Maschio’s drill design department have optimised the ratio between the weight and structural integrity, making the ALITALIA an extremely strong drill.

The centre of gravity is very close to the tractor in order to reduce stress on the rear linkage, this also allows the ALITALIA to be suitable for medium size tractors from 140hp and improves fuel consumption.

ALITALIA: One matches all

The Alitalia Drill models are compatible with most of the rigid power harrows in Maschio’s range, these include the DOMINATOR DM Rapido Plus and the ORSO Rapido Plus.

Compatible Rollers (Packer Roller 500-600 mm, Rubber Roller 600 mm, Combi Packer Roller 500mm) see more information in the Roller section.

Please check with OPICO if you plan to use an Alitalia Seed Drill with your existing Maschio power harrow as some older models may not be compatible.


ALITALIA: Easy calibration

The Alitalia Seed Drill is controlled by the GENIUS lite control box, it’s fully electronic and allows the operator the complete the calibration quickly and easily.

  • Very quick and easy calibration.
  • Set the tray lower the distributor.
  • Open the calibration gate and push the button.
  • Collect seed in the tray and weigh it.
  • Insert the value read on scale with keyboard.
  • Set the seeding rate required.
  • High precision regardless of calibration setting.

FLEXEED metering system: Construction

The metering unit is constructed from cast aluminium, stainless steel and polyethylene components to prevent rust and corrosion.

FLEXEED metering system: Metering rollers

Whether seeding OSR or beans, the FLEXEED metering system will have a roller to suit your seed type. No one seed roller can give you precise accuracy at low seed rates and at the same time meter high seed rates so it is important to choice the correct roller for your application.

The accuracy is down to the size of flutes on the metering roller, large flutes are good at metering at high seed rates but cannot get down to low seed rates, the answer is to have multiple metering rollers and the ALITALIA has three as standard:

G1000 (up to 400kg/Ha) N500 (up to 200kg/Ha) F25-125 (for small seed)


  1. Dosing roller G1000 for large quantities of seed (up to 400kg/Ha) (Standard)
  2. Dosing roller N500 for medium quantities (up to 200kg/Ha) (Standard)
  3. Dosing roller F25-125 with small flutes for low rates, especially for small seed types, with the option of disengaging segments. (Standard)
  4. Dosing roller N250 is recommended for low-medium quantities (from 80-100kg/Ha) particularly on drills used in combination (whose operation speed is fairly slow) (Optional)
  5. Dosing roller G1000 R26.5 for large seeds (PA2) (Optional)
  6. Dosing roller G1000 R26.5 specific for large seeds (Optional)
  7. Dosing roller for fertiliser G1002 (Optional)
FLEXEED metering system: Seed flutes

The fluted segments are all in a helical, staggered pattern for even distribution, this ensures all seed leaving the metering roller does so evenly without pulsing.


FLEXEED metering system: Cleaning clips

To prevent oily seeds from getting stuck in the fluted segments the FLEXEED unit has a row of stainless steel cleaning clips that makes sure all seed is discharged from the metering roller ensuring consistent, reliable accuracy.

FLEXEED metering system: Disengaging segments

The F25-125 metering roller segments can be disengaged to lower the seedrate further. Within each metering segment there are four pegs that keep each segment moving when the main shaft is turning, simply undo the hand screw on one side of the roller and remove and turn round the desired number of segments, one flute on each segment contains a small clip that will allow the cleaning clip to hold and stop the entire segment from turning as the pegs no longer engage once the segment has been turned around.

FLEXEED metering system: Sliding shut-off plate

A sliding plate enables the operator to completely shut-off all seed to the metering unit, allowing maintenance or metering roller changes whist the hopper is still full.  

FLEXEED metering system: Easy un-loading

Un-loading couldn’t be easier, simply close off the hopper using the “shut-off sliding plate” un-lock and open the access panel to the metering unit and remove the metering roller, then you can control the speed of the seed flow by moving the “shut-off sliding plate”.

FLEXEED metering system: Agitator

The agitator can easily be disengaged, when seeding with delicate or fleshly seed types.


Suffolk Coulters

The Suffolk coulter is suitable for use in cultivated soil, with very little or no crop residues.  Wearing parts can be easily replaced and are made from hard wearing materials. It can be used in a variety of soil types including stony land. Three rows of coulters help with the flow of soil and residues.

  • Ideal for ploughed soils.
  • Works in crop residues in light and sandy soils.
  • Replaceable coulter tips.  

Single Disc

The Boron steel disc works very well in cultivated, hard compacted soils and heavy crop residues. Dual rubber scrapers preventing soil build up. Depth is controlled by an adjustable skid or optional rubber depth wheel that improves the seed to soil contact.

  • Ideal for min-tilled or ploughed soils
  • Recommended in high residue situations.
  • Water-proof self-lubricating roller bearings.
  • Recommended for medium to heavy soils.
  • Rubber scrapers on each disc.
  • Adjustable depth skid: Uses a clever spring and notch system so no tools are required to change the seeding depth, just simply pull and slide to your desired working depth. 
  • Optional rubber depth wheel: 250mm x 42mm.



Communication between the Alitalia Drill and the tractor is facilitated by the ISOBUS terminal: a single connection cable allows the control of all seeding functions.


Rear rollers

Packer Roller - Ø500mm - 600mm

The toothed Packer Roller works well breaking up any surface clods further and at the same leaving an excellent finish, ready for seeding. This roller also comes standard with tungsten coated scrapers.

Flexible Rubber Synchro Roller - Ø600mm

Maschio's newly designed Rubber Synchro Roller is of benefit to crop establishment in several ways. The ribs on the roller ensure that the soil in line with the coulters is pre-consolidated more firmly. This means that, firstly, the coulter will work at an even and more consistent depth, as it is being provided with firmer and more even soil to cut into. Secondly, the soil particles are broken down to a smaller size and pressed together ensuring better soil-to-seed contact and encouraging capillary action of moisture towards the seed. Finally, the less consolidated area in between the rows of seed allows water to permeate easily into the soil.

Add all these benefits together and you improve both the germination of the seeds and the evenness of the plants that emerge. The Synchro roller also incorporates a scraper to ensure it can work through difficult drilling conditions. Furthermore, to improve longevity, it is tungsten-coated like the standard packer roller scraper.

Combi Packer - Ø500mm

The Combi Packer is designed to consolidate the soil in line with the seeding coulters to achieve a constant seeding depth for a more uniform plant emergence. Outer lugs on the roller give a driving action on high residues or soil that can stall rollers.

Rear Roller Bearing

The long life oversized rear roller support consists of a bearing and roller support all in one unit and is manufactured this way so it has the strength to support the weight of a seed drill as well as a power harrow

The bearing and support has a relatively new greasing system that is situated in a protected section of the roller frame preventing damage from debris.

Tungsten Soil Scrapers

The scrapers are 4mm thick and are tungsten coated as standard, they are attached with a single bolt and guide for quick adjustment.

The scrapers scrape soil off the back rear side of the roller preventing soil build up.

Power harrow options

DOMINATOR DM Rapido Plus 3m & 4m


The Dominator DM Power Harrow is ideal for use in combination with the Alitalia drill for tractors up to 200hp.

ORSO Rapido Plus 3m & 4m

The Orso Power Harrow is the choice to make when needing a combination drill suitable for use on heavy stony soils, for tractors up to 300hp.


ALITALIA Combination Seed Drill

Alitalia Models: 3m 3000, 4m 4000

Standard Equipment:

  • Hydraulic Drive Fan
  • 1500L Hopper
  • GPS Forward Speed Sensor
  • Electronic Metering c/w variable seed rate
  • Genius Master / ISOBUS Control With Tramlining c/w 2+2 row shut-off
  • Centre line bout markers
  • Suffolk Coulters (3 or 2 Row)
  • PERFECTA Disc (2 Row)
  • Single Disc (2 Row)
  • Following Harrow
  • Lighting Kit
  • Quick Match Power Harrow Drill Connection

Technical Specification

ALITALIA Combination Seed Drill

Alitalia Combination Seed Drill



Working Width m

Total width m

No. of Coulter

Row Distance cm

Hopper Capacity L (Extention)


Weight kg**







1500 (500)








1500 (500)








1500 (500)








1500 (500)



*MIN & MAX HP depends on which power harrow combination is used.

** Does not include weight of power harrow.

Options & Accessories

ALITALIA Combination Seed Drill

Alitalia Combination Seed Drill - OPTIONAL EXTRAS


Pre emergence markers

Option for 3+3 tramline Genius lite

500L hopper extension

Extended 3 row staggered 3m Suffolk coulter- Factory Fit

Extended 3 row staggered 4m Suffolk coulter- Factory Fit

Manual row shut off - multiply up for 1/2 side shut off

Metering roller for peas/beans



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