PRIMAVERA Tine Seed Drill


PRIMAVERA Tine Seed Drill

The Maschio Primavera Pneumatic drill is an efficient low cost seed drill packed with features to ease everyday use and still keep running cost down to a minimum. It utilises Maschio’s own “FLEXEED” cassette type metering system in a cultivator drill format to provide a high speed solution for plough based or minimum tillage systems.


PRIMAVERA: Transmission

The PRIMAVERA Seed Drill has very few wearing parts keeping running costs down to a minimum.

PRIMAVERA: Easy Calibration

Mechanical Drive - TSH Monitor Control Box

The seed rate is controlled by a triple cam stepless gearbox which ensures the seed metering shaft turns consistently at the designated speed.   

The metering unit is easy to access, which makes calibration a simple task.

Photo showing the easy access metering unit

Electronic Drive - Genius Lite

Fully electronic drive option giving quick and reliable calibration control and adjustable seed rate on the move.

PRIMAVERA: Large hopper

The Primavera boasts a large hopper capacity 1500L as standard with the 6m model having a maximum hopper size of 1700L as standard.

PRIMAVERA: Balanced weight

When looking at the design and structure on the Primavera Seed Drill there is clearly more than meets the eye.

Maschio’s drill design department have optimised the ratio between the weight and structural integrity, making the Primavera an extremely strong drill.

The centre of gravity is very close to the tractor in order to reduce stress on the rear linkage, this also makes the Primavera suitable for medium sized tractors from 120hp and improves fuel consumption.


PRIMAVERA: Loading platform

The loading platform comes as standard, the platform has full safety handrails reachable from the first step to the top of the platform to allow easy and safe access to the hopper.

PRIMAVERA: Following harrow

Dual covering harrows to ensure the seed is covered sufficiently. Adjustable angle control as standard.

PRIMAVERA: High work rates

At 4m, 4.8m, 5m or 6m working widths and travelling at speeds of 12 – 16kph the PRIMAVERA Seed Drill is more than capable of producing impressive work rates per day. 


PRIMAVERA: Low running costs

The PRIMAVERA Seed Drill has very few wearing parts keeping running costs down to a minimum, with just the tine points being the soil engaging part.

FLEXEED metering system: Construction

Graphic of the Primavera metering unit

The metering unit is constructed from cast aluminium, stainless steel and polyethylene components to prevent rust and corrosion.

FLEXEED metering system: Metering rollers

Whether seeding OSR or beans, the FLEXEED metering system will have a roller to suit your seed type. No one seed roller can give you precise accuracy at low seed rates and at the same time meter high seed rates so it is important to choice the correct roller for your application.

The accuracy is down to the size of flutes on the metering roller, large flutes are good at metering at high seed rates but cannot get down to low seed rates, the answer is to have multiple metering rollers and the PRIMAVAERA has three as standard:

photo of the red large metering quantities roller
G1000 (up to 400kg/Ha) N500 (up to 200kg/Ha) F25-125 (for small seed)


  1. Dosing roller G1000 for large quantities of seed (up to 400kg/Ha) (Standard)
  2. Dosing roller N500 for medium quantities (up to 200kg/Ha) (Standard)
  3. Dosing roller F25-125 with small flutes for low rates, especially for small seed types, with the option of disengaging segments. (Standard)
  4. Dosing roller N250 is recommended for low-medium quantities (from 80-100kg/Ha) particularly on drills used in combination (whose operation speed is fairly slow) (Optional)
  5. Dosing roller G1000 R26.5 for large seeds (PA2) (Optional)
  6. Dosing roller G1000 R26.5 specific for large seeds (Optional)
  7. Dosing roller for fertiliser G1002 (Optional)
FLEXEED metering system: Seed flutes

Graphic showing the seed flutes on the primavera

The fluted segments are all in a helical, staggered pattern for even distribution, this ensures all seed leaving the metering roller does so evenly without pulsing.


FLEXEED metering system: Cleaning clips

Photo of the cleaning clips on the Primavera

To prevent oily seeds from getting stuck in the fluted segments the FLEXEED unit has a row of stainless steel cleaning clips that makes sure all seed is discharged from the metering roller ensuring consistent, reliable accuracy.

FLEXEED metering system: Disengaging segments

Graphic showing the disengaging segments in the Flexseed system

The F25-125 metering roller segments can be disengaged to lower the seed rate further. Within each metering segment there are four pegs that keep each segment moving when the main shaft is turning, simply undo the hand screw on one side of the roller and remove and turn round the desired number of segments, one flute on each segment contains a small clip that will allow the cleaning clip to hold and stop the entire segment from turning as the pegs no longer engage once the segment has been turned around.

FLEXEED metering system: Sliding shut-off plate

Photo of the Flexseed shut off plate

A sliding plate enables the operator to completely shut-off all seed to the metering unit, allowing maintenance or metering roller changes whist the hopper is still full.  

FLEXEED metering system: Easy un-loading

Photo of the Flexseed easy unloading system

Un-loading couldn’t be easier, simply close off the hopper using the “shut-off sliding plate” un-lock and open the access panel to the metering unit and remove the metering roller, then you can control the speed of the seed flow by moving the “shut-off sliding plate”.

FLEXEED metering system: Agitator

Photo of the Flexseed agitator

The agitator can easily be disengaged, when seeding with delicate or fleshly seed types.


Tine Coulters

photo of the tine coulters

The Straight Tipped tine coulter is suitable for use in minimum tillage soil, seedbeds with crop residues, four rows of staggered tines allows the soil and residue to flow through easily.

The tine tips are a low cost replaceable part keeping running cost as low as possible.


Control box (RDS)

Simple TSH Monitor - Mechanical Drive

Partial and total of drilled area (ha): The control box records two separate areas or distance of travel readings, the partial can be the field or day and the total could equal to the total drilled in that particular season.

Tramlining: Controls required tramline rhythm.

Pre-emergence tramline row markers: If the drill is fitted with pre-emergence markers the control box will activate them automatically at the start of the tramline run.

Working speed: The readout of the current working/travelling speed is given on the control box.

Genius Lite - Electronic Drive

Photo of the control box

Seed rate adjustable from cab: This is infinitely adjustable using the (+/-) buttons on the control box in stages, allowing the operator to increase or decrease the rate on the move from inside the tractor cab.

Easy and fast calibration: The preset calibration program provides a very simple and quick step by step calibration process.

Seeding alarm: The metering mechanism is monitored by the control box to alert the user of any blockages.

Pre-start and pre-stop functions: Allows the drill to be primed before it is engaged into the soil at the start of every run and the pre-stop function prevents the loss of expensive seed at the headlands.

Automatic tramlining: Return to tank tramline valves.

Bypass system

Graphic representing how the by-pass works, and how it increases the consitence of seed delivered to each outlet

The Air BY-PASS System enhances the effectiveness of the air flow resulting in a 25% increase in consistency of the amount of seed that is delivered to each outlet even in when working with high rates on sloping ground.


PRIMAVERA Tine Seed Drill

Primavera Models: 4m 4000 (120-250HP), 4.8m 4800 (135-250HP),  5m 5000 (140-250HP), 6m 6000 (175-250HP)

Standard Equipment:

  • Hydraulic Drive Fan
  • 1500L & 1700L Hopper
  • Land Wheel Drive
  • Stepless Gearbox
  • Multicontrol With Tramlining c/w 2+2 row shut-off
  • Centre line bout markers
  • Tine Coulters (4 rows)
  • Following Harrow
  • Lighting Kit with marker boards
  • Cat III Linkage

Technical Specification

PRIMAVERA Tine Seed Drill

Primavera Seed Drill




Working Width m

Total Width m

No. of Planting Units

Row Distance

Hopper Capacity L

Weight kg*










































**Drill weight with straight coulter

Options & Accessories

PRIMAVERA Tine Seed Drill 120-250hp

Primavera Seed Drill - OPTIONAL EXTRAS


Pair tractor track eradicators

Manual row exclusion (per row)

Option for 3+3 tramlining (Genius lite only)

Pre emergance Markers



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